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Viken Arman announces « Willow » EP

New EP & concert shows announced


Viken Arman announces the release of his upcoming EP ‘Willow’ on his own label Denature Records in January 2019. The record will be released track-by-track over a five-week journey through the opus.

Willow’ has been his most anticipated record to date, and its release will mark more than 12 months since Viken Arman’s last EP ‘Aragatz’. As you step into the musical world of Viken you will soon find out that the musician has taken an interesting turn in his sound. The EP is building a bridge between the electronic music and the artistic environment Viken grew up with. Whether it was Jazz or Classical, music was omnipresent in his family, and this EP gives you a chance to catch some of these colors.
Viken searches through these cultures to create an powerful musical dialogue giving the impression that these influences are talking to each other. Through this EP, Viken explores his own identity as both an Armenian and a Parisian, as both a musician and a producer.

The project is presented as an opus divided into 6 parts, wherein the music producer introduces different perspectives to common themes and brings us inside his complex world, taking us from jazz to club music. Each part features a handmade artwork by Armenian artist Davit Yukhanyan. It demonstrates his interpretation of human perception within the surrounding world. Every emotion lies in the eye of the beholder and this becomes clear when you observe the art. From a distance you will only see an eye. However if you get closer, you discover an entire phantasmagoric world and its civilization, which is in fact looking at you.

For this release, Viken Arman teamed up with the genius Armenian painter Davit Yukhanyan and the Art Director Vahan Stepanyan, who worked together to transcribe the ideas of the musician in the craziest way possible.
The concept behind the artwork is perception.

You can see the world through different eyes and the eye can see different worlds. Each of us has his own vision of things. It is just a matter of point of view. If you look at the artwork from afar, you would just see a simple eye. But if you get closer, then you will discover an entire phantasmagoric world with a real civilisation looking at you. And if you take the time to get deeper, you can find some details that will blow your mind away. That’s the magic of this world.

This artwork shows an important aspect of what we call enlightenment by changing the way we see ourselves and thus to see the unconditional value of life within us, which neither requires comparison with others nor depends upon our transient appearance. It is a very simple idea, yet it requires a change of perspective. The different characters painted here are all linked somehow to demonstrate that the way we see ourselves is not only the way we live our lives but also the way we relate to others.

Everyone is connected. Everything has an impact. At some point, it can be a representation of our society with all its beauty and darkness.

FULL EP RELEASE (Vinyl & Digital) February 8th, 2019

RELEASE PARTIESJanuary 17th, 2019: Planetarium – Berlin (DE) February 13th, 2019: New Morning – Paris (FR)