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 Viken Arman is joining All Day I Dream label family with this special « On A Blue Road » EP.

What inspired you to produce the EP? 

Viken Arman: At the time I produced this EP I was listening to a lot of Jazz music and was inspired by the dreamy, melancholy feeling expressed in my favorite Jazz records. Combining the names of the three tracks on the EP into a sentence describes this feeling well: „On a blue road – a white shadow – feels the winter“. To translate these pictures into my own music I used a lot of Jazz samples, reworked them in my style, and came up with this EP which is my first to sound like this.

Where did you record it? And how?

I recorded it in my studio in Paris. With this EP I went back to my roots and recorded only using analog machines – I wanted to create something very pure.  Putting away my laptop and all my VST/Plugins allowed me to truly connect with the sounds I used to compose these tracks.
How did you get in contact with the record label?

I was already pretty close to the team because a lot of friends (like Bedouin, Yokoo, Powel, Be Svendsen etc) were signed on the record label. So Yokoo introduced me to Lee Burridge by sending him some of my demos.Then we met in Miami for the Winter Music Conference. And here we go! 
Why did you decide to not have any remixes? Did you want the tree tracks to speak for themselves?

Yes, totally. I wanted to tell a story with these three tracks so I didn’t need any remixes. Basically you can imagine your own story and that was the idea. Let your imagination run free.
What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

So many things. I’m working on my debut album. Together with my team we’re developing my own record label Denature Records and my festival SOUQ all over the world. And there is a lot of amazing collaborations coming up! Can’t tell you more!


01. Viken Arman – On A Blue Road
02. Viken Arman – A White Shadow
03. Viken Arman – Feels The Winter