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O/Y – « TURTLES » (EP)

Including Luca Musto & Xique-Xique remixes


« Summer has faded once again, and here we are: Looking for the light. A light, that has continually grown bolder and brighter is the primate lover and drum kit destroyer O/Y. »

Intrigued by his ever evolving analogue sound and also because he’s somewhat of a regular appearance in our ears and eyes, we decided to get him on board for his and our second 12″ experiment: Turtles.

O/Y is getting around quite a bit, performing his live shows on festivals around this blue marble. Now your friendly neighborhood DJ can put more of his productions into the soundtrack of your next night out. This is the sound you will be stumbling across dance floors to this coming winter. And probably summer still. Accompanied by a Hip-Hop-ish remix, crafted by the talented Luca Musto and the digital bonus « Der Kleine Mann » as well as a Xique-Xique remix of this beauty.

And oh: did we mention?

You can also add it to your record collection, as it is quite the collectible. Black and blue marbled vinyl, hand numbered and finished with a beautiful artwork made by his wife Amal. Strong family stuff.


Text by Drossel

Purchase : https://drosssel.bandcamp.com/album/turtles