Luca Musto is an enthusiast of soul, jazz and blues, his electronic music/’slow-house’ oozes of grooving beats and hypnotizing melodies. With his Italian roots reflecting rhythms through cracks in a musical mirror, these cozy, grounded atmospheres will set you up to lay back, relax, and dance: this paradox perhaps best encapsulates the complexity of Musto’s grooves.

Whilst some might know him for years of various musical projects all around the backyards and garages of southern Germany, Luca’s vision of deeply pulsating ambience continues to evolve with his beats.

Where other artists rely on established formulas and resort to complacency, Musto embodies the opposite. Based within the dungeons of Berlin, he coalesces the city’s unique musical footprint with his own nuances and projects them into his music as a symphony of impressions.

His catalogue merges the resilience of modernity with authenticity and the musical preferences of our generation with subtlety, so that it never feels to be listening to just another record. Instead, it invokes in fans of electronic music a feeling of familiarity and expertise, which is reflected in his creative sampling and merging influences. With each new release, the listener can’t help but notice that Luca doesn’t take his talent for granted, but as basis for higher aspirations.

Those who are interested in a product that is not simply the result of artistic dedication, but a reflection of the artist’s soul should not miss out on his work.

Summer Contrast Festival
Świdwin, Poland
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Luca Musto

Luca Musto @ Le Mellotron

Luca Musto

Luca Musto @ Le Mellotron