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NIV AST – I Remember

4 slices of smouldering, sexy deep disco!


Correspondant return with another cosmic tonic to combat these strange and turbulent times. Four slices of smouldering, sexy, groove-toned deep disco, perfect for any lockdown or socially distanced scenario you can possibly imagine, they come courtesy of Tel Aviv’s Niv Ast who’s been making a name for himself in all the right places; Nein, Duro, Ombra, Relish and of course this very label with two big cameos last year remixing Fort Romeau and appearing on the ‘Nume’ro 2’ collection.

This is his debut EP for Correspondent and arguably his biggest EP to date; ‘I Remember‘ sets the hazy, introspective mood with purring spoken word and salubrious instrumentation before ‘Ninja’s Mothership’ goes all-out psychedelic with sweeping guitar blasts and a slinky, writhing groove. Deeper again we hit pure uncut funk in the form of ‘Hyperball Superball‘ before ‘Poisson d’Argent’ brings home the silver… A hook-up with good friend Cornelius Doctor, and easily the heaviest piece of the release, it’s a chugging cosmic finale laced with layers of textures and sounds to completely lose yourself within. Strange, turbulent, smouldering, sexy; this is the perfect music to stay safe to… Correspondence is key right now. Let us know how you feel.