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Muzo Creative is an independent management & booking agency, representing a roster of international artists, collectively pushing the boundaries of electronic music towards new sounds and wilder influences.

Muzo prides itself on its ability to build artist’s careers from the ground up, working tirelessly to bring talented, undiscovered musicians to stages all over the world.

As an agency, Muzo is unique in its sense of collective spirit. With the agency’s involvement in artistic direction and sound curation for festivals & clubs, Muzo has quickly become a stamp of creative quality for everyone involved.

Launched in 2015 at a time when trends in electronic music were shifting towards a more nuanced, expansive sound, Muzo is now a port of call for venues worldwide, with a particular emphasis on emotive, captivating performances by both live acts, bands and DJs.

At the end of the day, Muzo is a home for musicians who love their art form, and who work tirelessly to experiment with new sounds, concepts and mediums. It just so happens that Muzo is now an international home, with these musicians playing to thousands worldwide.

Muzo creative

8 rue Hérold
75001 Paris, France