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Out now on Denature Records

Stavroz - Kasambila EP

Stavroz present their new EP – « Kasambila » on Denature Records.

The long awaited first release of Stavroz on Denature Records has arrived!

__Vinyl : http://bit.ly/Denature005

This 5-track EP starts with « Zorrow ». This track sounds like an invitation to wander and get lost in the jungle. By the second track, ‘Perron 11’ the tempo gets more vigorous opening the way to the main track ‘Kasambila’ and its enchanting ethnic vibes. On the other side of the EP, ‘Xs Pls’ (pronounce it Extra Small Please) has this unique instrumental groove that the four-piece band masters so well. The EP ends with the title ‘It was All A Ruse’, a melancholic ballad through mystical lands.

Stavroz in Istanbul, May 2018.

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Kasambila: The Stavroz Interview