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LUCA MUSTO – Momentum (EP)

Merging funk, house & blues


Following Luca Musto‘s last EP « Proper Preaching, » which ended 2019 on a spiritual note, he returns in the new decade with his brand new release « Momentum. »

In a genre marked by repetition, this four-track EP once again manages to fuse a variety of diverse musical elements into the larger framework of electronic music.

While the « Momentum » EP features almost exclusively original recordings by Musto, such as the guitar in « Grindstone Gamblers » he also showcases the range of his cultural influences by using samples from different genres to express and evoke different emotions. Merging elements such as the lively funk licks in « Hoppegarten » and « Fasullo Funk » with the melancholic honesty found in Blues, he creates a well-rounded blend of rhythmic sentiments.

The title track « Momentum » samples an interview by Tupac Shakur, in which he pushes back against the « gimme gimme gimme, » « push push push » mentality and asks us to stop and refocus. Luca Musto’s new EP invites the listener to do just that. To focus on the intricacies can make less feel like more, as each track builds up momentum in its own way.

Buy / Stream : kuronekomedia.lnk.to/Momentum