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Upercent Press Valencia

An unorthodox artist who has cultivated his own very particular sound, Upercent is Jose Moles Martinez.

Born and raised in Valencia, Jose delivers powerful techno that is equals part emotive & visceral, constructed from a range of organic instruments and composed with inventive arrangements. Upercent is an intriguing artist who operates in his own lane.

Making music since the year 2000, he has a wealth of studio experience and DJ expertise inspired by the freeform nature of jazz, combined with the endless possibilities presented by electronic music. He channels two decades of experience into a deep understanding of groove, trippy atmospherics, melancholy moods and sophisticated story-telling. Upercent’s singular vision has led to releases with labels such as Kompakt, Watergate, TAU, microCastle, and many more. While, on the road, he’s performed shows in Berlin, Ibiza, London, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Zurich, and further afield in India and the USA. Constantly pushing forward and bursting with creative energy, Upercent is an intriguing artist who operates in his own lane.

For Jose everything changed in 1994 when he was nine years old when his parents gave him an electronic music CD produced in Valencia. Influenced by what was the toughest music scene in city, he grew up listening to a range of heavyweight styles such as Detroit techno, US hard house and Dutch hardcore. Parallel to this he was also listening to jazz, instrumentals, blues, reggae, classical, indie, breaks and a huge variety of styles, soaking it all up.

In the year 2000, at age 15, Jose began to immerse himself in the world of production, releasing his first record two years later when he was 17. As Jose got older, his style evolved and he began to adapt to the shifts and changes that were occurring in the electronic music world. He pushed himself to explore electro house, minimal and, eventually, deeper melodic techno. It was a transition that presented Upercent with a significant challenge; and the only way he could move forward was to do it all on his own terms. The result is the sound he has nurtured today – deep, unusual, emotive and melancholy yet at its core there lies power and drive, representing the remnants of his past.

By 2012 he had his debut as Upercent and over the following years he had music signed to Diynamic, Upon.You, Sincopat, microCastle and Endless before landing on Kompakt’s limited edition KX label in 2018. « Parlem » and « Tirant Lo Blanc » both epitomised his powerful sound and innate ability to construct enchanting narratives within his productions. Utilising vocal clips, trumpets, powerful drum arrangements and simmering atmospherics, the tracks were supported by the most influential artists of the industry.

Further releases with influential labels followed in 2019; ‘Flor De Lotus’ on Watergate, ‘Ocell’ on Kompakt and ‘Regal No Material’ on TAU. Each one showcasing Upercent’s remarkable dexterity and ingenuity, from the hypnotic menace of ‘Pulcre’ on Watergate to the spinetingling potency of ‘Ocell’ on Kompakt and the avant-garde melodrama of ‘Malson’ on TAU. As well as his solo endeavours, and being an artist who is more comfortable working on his own, Upercent has several collaborations under his belt, working with artists like Jimi Jules, Innellea, Chaim, Blond:ish and BOg.

Jose has traveled all over the globe to perform at renowned clubs and festivals, his extensive experience as a DJ shining through with every gig. He’s been booked to play in Germany, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Spain, Russia, Armenia, Lebanon, United Kingdom, India, USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, Malta and Netherlands, among many more. His list of appearances so far includes Fusion Festival (Lärz), Electronica Festival (Istanbul), Heart (Ibiza), Sisyphos (Berlin), The Block (Tel Aviv), BO-18 (Beirut), Watergate (Berlin), La Terrrazza (Barcelona), CHI by Decadence (Kiev), Nation of Gondwana (Schönwalde-Glien) to name a few.

Upercent is hardworking, methodical, passionate and committed to his sound with an unwavering dedication to keeping it individual and true to himself. His music never settles, always shifting and changing, incorporating new and unusual sounds and effects with his unorthodox use of classical instruments spliced with analog sounds and heavy drum percussion.

Driven by the same passion he had as a child, he continues to investigate electronic music and organic sounds, putting visuals and live performance on the hit list as he expands his expressive universe. Whatever he does next you can be sure that Upercent will be doing it in his own utterly unique way.

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Madrid, Spain
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