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Everything in the universe vibrates. Impelled by this phenomenon, Nico Stojan embodies the transformative and harmonious qualities of music.

The Berlin-raised and based DJ, producer, and label head is a genuine believer in the unifying nature of music and its impact on the soul.

With this philosophy and a profound attunement to sound and frequencies, he creates dancefloor moments that bring joy and nourishment to his audience. Nico’s journey as a DJ began in the 90s when he stumbled upon two dusty Technics 1210 turntables in his uncle’s discotheque. This marked the starting point of a successful global career.

To create his unique blend of musical energies, Nico draws inspiration from jazz and hip-hop, while infusing elements of downtempo, indie and deeper melodic electronics into his sets.

So, imagine yourself on a sun-kissed beach or a sprawling meadow at a festival, amidst the dusty enchantment of Burning Man, or in the dark, intimate embrace of the world’s most heartwarming clubs. In these settings, Nico imbues the atmosphere with an organic groove. What sets him apart is the ability to feel the crowd and adapt his style to the environment, time and situation, while still maintaining his one-of-a-kind signature. Regardless of the genres and moods built into his sets, they serve the purpose of resonance and connection.

Fascinated by sensory explorations, Nico goes beyond the auditory experience and induces scents and other elements to activate the senses of the audience for specific events, creating a deeper immersion.

Collaboration is at the heart of Nico’s artistry. The most enduring partnership is with Acid Pauli, as they jointly helm the esteemed label Ouïe Music. Ouïe Music has hosted like-minded artists like David Meyer and Jonathan Kaspar, next to the label owners themselves.

A testament to his musical roots, the album « Twisted Manners » (URSL Records, 2015) contains a timeless and playful energy. It creates an open-hearted state for listeners with its eclecticism and groove. Nico has released on a plethora of respected labels, including the likes of Crosstown Rebels, each showcasing a distinct facet of his groovy signature sound.

It’s abundantly clear that for Nico Stojan, the alchemy of making music together, experiencing music together, and playing music for audiences serves as a profound portal to connection. And this is the very spirit that adds an extra dose of transformative potential to his performances.

Constanta, Romania
Sage Beach
Berlin, Germany
Costa da Caparica, Portugal
Summer Contrast Festival
Świdwin, Poland
Cluj Arena (DayDreaming Stage)
Cluj Napoca, Romania
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