Moullinex × GPU Panic

from Lisbon, label Discotexas/ Crosstown Rebels


What started with ‘Luz’, a joint track that opened the door and led the way for Moullinex △ GPU Panic to continue thriving, both individually and in ensemble, has since morphed into a partnership that this year will hit new creative heights. The △ in the name of their new project, a nod to the triangular structure with which they use as part of their new live performances as a duo.

2023 will mark the return to a creative relationship that keeps on giving seeing as GPU Panic is already a central presence on much of Moullinex’ recent output, notably with him being lead vocalist on Moullinex’s newest studio album ‘Requiem for Empathy’ released to huge acclaim. Just like they were then, as are they now, GPU Panic’s contributions are constantly manifested on beautiful songs that make you dance, daydream, and simultaneously cut to your core.

Moullinex thrives in intersections: science and art, spontaneity, and formalism, organic and artificial, isolation and community. This idea crystallised in music that can perfectly live within the boundaries of the dancefloor and still allow for deep introspection on headphones. From melancholic electronic textures to exuberant house and disco, his productions have seen him being praised by his peers and audiences globally.

Luis Clara Gomes (Moullinex) spent his formative years looking at the stars. From drawing galactic maps and sketches of imaginary spacecraft as a child to doing research in astronomy as an adult, his obsession with science was the stepping stone into electronic music, where he first stumbled into electronic soundtrack maestros such as Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder and later Air, Stevie Wonder and Brazilian MPB.

Under the Moullinex alias he first started doing remixes for Cut Copy, Sebastien Tellier, Royksopp and Robyn, among many more, while consistently releasing quality originals through his own label Discotexas, alongside Xinobi, his partner in crime. Four albums have ensued, ‘Flora’, ‘Elsewhere’, ‘Hypersex’, and ‘Requiem for Empathy’, which further establishes Moullinex as a versatile, subtle, and multi-layered producer.

Kyiv, Ukraine
Space @ Eden
Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain
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Moullinex & GPU PANIC

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Moullinex & GPU PANIC

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