Milio has only existed for a short space of time but has already entranced listeners with a richly melodic sound. Whether psychedelic,

euphoric or melancholic, it is music that taps into the mysterious and hypnotic. As a DJ, Milio knows how to time the perfect record at the

perfect moment, and all he needs is a good sound system to make his mark.


Emiel van den Dungen started this solo alias in 2020 after previous success as part of the Tunnelvisions duo. It was that project which

took him to festivals like DGTL, Fusion Festival, Melt, clubs around Europe and labels like Disco Halal, Dynamic and Atomnation. But he has always been a skilled pianist from a musical family, which explains why his well-crafted, emotive melodies always leave a lasting

impression. After initially falling for dubstep and drum & bass, his head was turned by four to the floor and now he crafts sounds that are

rooted on the dance floor but also take you into a majestic melodic world.


That is informed by a love of artists like Bill Evans, and and obsession with beautiful voicings, coloring, melody and harmonies.

Personal relationships and close friendships also instill Milio’s music with a sense of fun and honest connection. He aims to capture

these beautiful moments and share them on the dance floor; to create those warm feelings and unique memories.


In the studio, Milio fuses different textures – the clean qualities of old and new synthesizers with the frayed edges and nostalgic feelings

of tape recorders. This blending and blurring of borders lend his music its own sense of character. Whether translating the songs in his

head or finding beautiful moments by happy accident, he is someone who spends hours honing his craft, practicing theory and growing ever more conformable with his synths, piano, guitar and drums. This results in real music with plenty of personality and makes it more than just functional electronic sound.

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