from Berlin, label Katerblau


Feathered Sun​ is a collaborative and principally experimental project implicating a loose number of radiant talents. Interconnected as much existentially, being close friends, as spiritually – asserting their metaphysical relation to the otherworld; symbolically centered around the sun.

The Feathered Sun’s live-shows are an array of celebrations led by Chris Schwarzwaelder, ​Jo.Ke​ and Raz Ohara. Billy Mendrix and Rico Loop join the stage as well as many other special guests and appearances. Acid Pauli, another fellow-traveler on their sonic journey, is involved with the project primarily as a studio producer.

The Output? Rounded as it may be. Their music would not fit softly and restful in any of the categories, piercing the horizons of a few dozen genres. Feathered Sun is predominantly electronic yet it is emitting energies that you sense to be very human and natural. Its warm luminous flux is minimal, while also tremendous; so real and so hallucinatory.. pinning a crisp metaphor to it’s not a petty undertaking, either.

Auditory getaway to the unknown? Come figure above all, Feathered Sun is a rite, a passage. There is always surprise and improvisation, yet it’s always a musical ceremony. Don’t miss your chance to partake in it.

No concert is currently scheduled for this artist