from Berlin, label Rouge Mecanique - Live Act / Dj


The Rouge Mécanique, is an air- emancipated, for the fortunate-enough-to-witness his cinematic style of rhythmic strut and psychedelia.

Armed with a Telecaster and dreams of a deserted city; the musician born Romain Azzaro, sauntered onto the runway in 2013 with the highly acclaimed Rekids’ sublabel EP, ‘Witches’. Romain Azzaro’s productions are the 5am blues party, elemental and perpetually mobile, a fresh cut in the groove of sassed-out disco and rock-n-roll that pays homage to the digital pulse.

Raised between France and Italy, The Mécanique found his wave, playing guitar and drums in punk, coldwave, and psychedelic bands through his teenage years; fueled by his prior piano background at the Conservatory of Paris.

Reflections come with a visual responsibility and Azzaro’s vinyl releases and performances are often accompanied by short films, design work, and the collision of fashion designers and film makers alike. The first limited edition ‘Witches’ EP, impressed by the menswear designer and collaborator Aurelia Paumelle, was a hand-stitched work of art in leather, manifested as a holding sleeve for the record, and as brutal and elegant as the contents of the sound. The ‘Prelude’ video for the ‘Don’t Touch My Sister’ LP, was born of a collaboration between Romain Azzaro and the visual artist Louis Vignat, as inspired by the artwork of Les Beaux Arts de Paris artist, Jeanne Briand.

The artist’s long anticipated ‘Don’t Touch My Sister’ LP is set to be released on Azzaro’s own imprint in January of 2016, with prior EP’s releasing on Pyramids of Mars and I’m a Cliché.

Full film of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2016/17 Ready-to-Wear fashion show that took place on March 8th, 2015 at the Grand Palais in Paris.Soundtrack- Artist: Rouge Mécanique

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