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Gab Rhome
Gab Rhome
Gab Rhome All Day I Dream

Gab Rhome has amassed quite the armada of label credits in only 2 years : All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep, Kindisch, Get Physical and Sasha’s Last night on Earth to name a few. He began his musical journey at an early age playing multiple instruments while being shaped by jazz music, and it only took a few years before making a transition towards the rhythms of dance music.

The Montreal-born musician currently focuses on dreamy and hypnotic electronic music, best suited for
warm bubble-baths. His delicate melodies resonate best when coupled with his organic percussions,
similar to the relationship between a proper bottle of wine and some classy tenderloin. His melodic tech-house productions have brought him on journeys across the globe where a similar voyage is built during his dj sets.
Although his dj sets are not to be missed, the true nature of Gab Rhome’s music is best experienced while watching him during a live performance; a symphony of bass guitar, original synthesizer hooks and the unforgettable Gab Rhome suave.